Fascination with all types of fiber began at an early age, from learning to sew with my mother at age 4 to using pine needles to define space on play grounds. With a background in architectural design from University of Florida my world is viewed through many textured layers. I began weaving and spinning in the 70’s with a interest in wool and its many uses. I was interested in feltmaking but there was not a lot of information about it to be found back. In 2014 I was one of 5 resident artists tasked with making beaded blankets for a Nick Cave project. I began searching for alternatives to plastic beads and came across felted beads. With this renewed felt making interest I read every book I could find and began teaching myself the magic of how fibers connect. Completely enthralled with the process I took on-line classes, in person classes, and now I teach classes to mainly local people and a couple of classes on zoom of late.