Here are the most commonly asked questions about the International Feltmakers Association.

My contact details are incorrect, what should I do?

Please contact our Membership Secretary with your new details.

When does my membership expire?

There are two ways to check on when your membership will expire:

1. You will find the date on the front of the carrier sheet which comes with your Felt Matters journal.

2. Or log in to this website using your Username and Password - both case sensitive
-> Members only area.
-> “Your membership” tab on left hand side - you may have to scroll down if your machine has a small screen
-> Check expiry date.

3. If you cannot log in to the website, assuming your username and password are correct, or your membership has expired for some while - please contact the Membership Secretary.

You should automatically receive an email inviting you to renew four weeks before your expiry date. You will receive another reminder one week before if you have not renewed by that time.

Will I lose any days membership if I renew before my expiry?

You will not “lose” any days by renewing early. Your subscription payment is logged as received when it arrives, but the subscription will carry on seamlessly from your original expiry date.

May I send you a post dated cheque?

I'm afraid not as cheques are logged and banked as they are received.

What happens if I'm late renewing my membership?

If your membership has lapsed for more than one year then you will be asked to rejoin as a new member. Please contact the membership secretary: email

If your renewal is late and you are a UK resident, you will receive an email or letter confirming your subscription payment has been received. It will also indicate the period when your insurance cover lapsed.

I've been on holiday. May I backdate my membership?

I'm afraid not.

Email reminders are sent to the email address you have on file with us. They are sent at four weeks before, one week before, and one week after your membership falls due if it has not been renewed by that time.

All membership dates are strictly enforced because of the insurance cover that is linked with your membership.

I have paid my membershp subscription so where is my journal?

Felt Matters is published four times a year - in March, June, September and December.

You must be on the membership list on the 19th of February, May, August or November to receive the journal the following month. This is to allow enough time for the distribution company to package and mail your copy.

The latest copy of Felt Matters hasn't arrived, what should I do?

If you haven't moved house and forgotten to tell us please log in and check your contact details are correct.

If that's all ok then please contact our membership secretary email.

Why is my name not on the insurance certificate?

The insurance Certificate does not carry your name because it is purchased by the IFA and not individual members. To benefit from our insurance cover you must be normally be resident in the United Kingdom and be a current member. Members should print out a copy of their current membership to send in with their insurance certificate to event organisers.

What should I do if the date of my event falls outside the current insurance certificate?

The IFA purchase the insurance cover which begins on 1st of June annually. The new certificate will be posted on the website at the appropriate time.

Why have I not heard back since I asked for a new password?

Our automated response may have been diverted into your spam folder so best to check that first of all.

It might be that you may be using a different email address from the one we have on file for you. So check your membership contact details to make sure we have the most up to date email for you. If not then amend those details and re-apply for a new password.

I sent my membership renewal ten days ago so why have I received another renewal email?

Cheques received while our volunteer membership secretary is away from home will be logged upon her return. It is not possible to know accurately when post arrives so there may be a time lag occasionally. We do our best to be as efficient as we can.