“I became quite fascinated by the patterns and shapes that can be seen on the surface of the wool and now everything I make has a fancy edge!”

If you have ever wondered what to do with all those delicious little packets of pretty fibres at your suppliers, DF3 | Surfaces & Edges focuses on creating surface texture using those non felting fibres and also making decorative edges in the felt.  You are encouraged throughout to experiment and expand your skills in this important area.

About the course

Learning through sampling, DF3 | Surfaces & Edges is all about making surface design using non-felting fibres and exploring a variety of creative edges.  You get the chance to explore the impact these fibres have on felted surfaces, discover two ways of making fibre paper…and have fun applying the results. There are different techniques for making decorative edges which we encourage you to experiment with.

The workshop is delivered step by step on screen and as a downloadable or printable pdf through Ruzuku. Work at your own pace and use the online group forum to ask the course mentor any questions you may have. If other students are doing the course, we encourage you to join in with peer feedback and discussions.

How much time will I need?  We are often asked how much time is needed to complete this course. This is very dependent on how fast you work and how deeply you explore the course. We would suggest approximately 20 hours are required to complete the initial exploration.  If you want to complete the 3 steps to the IFA Excellence in Feltmaking Award, it is likely to take you more time and practice to achieve your best results.

The course runs three times a year with a period of access to the online material. The three slots are January/February, May/June and October/November.

How to book

Each course costs $48 and is booked through Ruzuku. Please choose the slot you are interested in and click on the appropriate button below to book. The price equates to approximately £35 or €40 but is dependent on the exchange rate.

Please Note: You will need a good variety of fibres and a few fabrics. Our fibre pack will give you everything you need to complete the exercises. You will only need to add your wetfelting equipment and a small amount of merino or similar fine wool.

Course Dates 2024

January/February 2024

  • Coursework access begins 2 January and ends February 28 2024

May/June 2024

  • Coursework access begins 1 May and ends 30 June 2024

October/November 2024

  • Coursework access begins 1 October and ends 30 November 2024

Need materials for the course?

If you do not have materials for your chosen course, you may purchase a fibre pack from us.