Feltmakers frequently ask me what books I would recommend and I reply, “What would you like to learn?”. Feltmaking is such a vast topic and no single book has all the answers. Some of the older books are still relevant, whilst many describe methods of feltmaking that have been superseded. Whether you want a book to hone your feltmaking skills or stimulate inspiration, this list will help you put together a library that will develop your feltmaking practice.

Mandy Nash (Chair of the IFA)

The list is not designed to be scrolled through book by book. Use the search facility to help you find the books you need.
You can search by author, title or subject (see below):
• Wet Felting
• Needle Felting
• Surface Texture
• Seamless Felt, Hollow, 3d Forms (Bowls, Bags etc.)
• Nuno
• Wearables (Garment, Slippers, Scarves, Wraps, Hats, Gloves etc.)
• Traditional Ethnic Felt from Central Asia
• Picture Making
• Dyeing Fibre, Fleece, & Wool
• History of Felt
• Fibre, Wool, Fleece & Sheep Breed Information
• Exhibition Catalogue
• Directory
• Gallery Book
• Biography

Some books are missing reviews, some are missing ratings (one star doesn’t mean it is a poor book, it just doesn’t have a rating yet) and some books may be out of print, but still available at a reasonable price and worth seeking out. The rarer ones can be a bit pricey!
If you would like to add a review for a book not listed or amend an existing review, please complete the form and submit it.
Help us all to add to our libraries!