Business name: Natalie Brooks
I discovered needle felting as a sculptural technique in 2015 and have not looked back since. I love how easily the material can be manipulated and its endless possibilities for 2d and 3d work... Wool is now the go-to material of choice for my work. I have two "hats" if you like, my fine art work and my cartoon pieces. For the fine art hat, I work under my maiden name Natalie Brooks and I do enjoy sculpting British wildlife, but my first love is the horse and I always return to the horse as a subject. I often sculpt directly from the memory of my observations of horses I know well or from my own drawings. Although I am starting to move in a more experimental direction, fusing felt with plastics and bringing in the more uncomfortable side of the animal world, the overall theme of my fine art work is always about the animal human relationship. My cartoon work is done under the banner of Roly Poly Ponies.. These are an outlet from my silly side and all of those hours as a teenager laughing and enjoying equine company are embodied in these round stereotypical pony sculptures.