You are currently viewing Whisper Project from Region 18 – Canada

The Whisper Project begins with a group of photographs, one for each chain of five or six members. The first person in the chain creates felt inspired by the photo. They then photograph their piece and send it to the next in the chain. This image inspires the next felt art and so it goes through the chain. Nothing but the photograph is sent. No previous work or the original photo is shared until the end when PDF is revealed at the zoom party. All participants were surprised and delighted to see the results! This project could be launched with any regional group. It is virtual so it can easily engage members in any part of the world,

Sheila Thompson coordinated the Project and the original photographs were provided by Lori Ryerson. You can see all the photos, the felt work and contact information in the attached PDF file.

Article by IFA Vice Chair Chris Liszak, Region 18 - Canada