Join us on a captivating journey led by Kerstin “Ducky” Katko as she unfolds the world of natural dyeing techniques in her recent Zoom presentation for IFA Region 18 members. This fascinating session is tailor-made for the felters venturing into the art of dyeing. Stay engaged as we dive into an enriching post-presentation discussion packed with valuable insights. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge you’ll gain on plant selection, dyeing methods, and the stunning spectrum of colors achievable through these techniques. Don’t miss out on this enlightening opportunity!

13 August 2023 | Talk by Ducky Katko | NATURAL DYEING


To continue our series of virtual talks, Jane Thompson-Webb, Conservation Team Leader at Birmingham Museums Trust, talked to us about one of the most distressing aspects of textile crafts – discovering that finished objects or raw materials are full of holes from insect damage. This talk looked at why insects want to eat your textiles, how to identify the main culprits, strategies to prevent damage and what to do if you find a live infestation.

25 June 2023   | Talk by Jane Thompson-Webb | THINGS THAT GO MUNCH IN THE NIGHT


For our online AGM & Conference 26 March 2022, we commissioned talks from two acclaimed feltmakers from Australia and the USA.

First, we heard from Wendy Bailye, who gave us her talk about her approach to creativity in feltmaking. She has also provided a useful Information sheet for you to download. To watch her video, click on the link below.

Connect, Experiment, Invent, Create. Make felt that is uniquely yours.

Later in the day, we heard from Pat Spark, a veteran feltmaker (her words), writer, editor and teacher in Oregon, USA. Here, she shares some of her tips and tricks for making felt as you get older. To watch her video, click on the link below.

The Ageing Feltmaker


In the first of our new series of virtual talks, Laura Mabbutt, the IFA Exhibition Officer, talked to us about her creative path.

5 June 2021 Talk by Laura Mabbutt | IFA Exhibition Officer

Our second talk features Canadian feltmaker, Fiona Duthie, in a Q&A session about her Creative Sparks project.

27 June 2021 Fiona Duthie Creative Sparks Talk

Our third talk features our chair, Mandy Nash. Her talk focuses on the theme of our 3rd online exhibition, Flora and Fauna. In it, she gives suggestions and ideas to inspire and help you create felt for the exhibition.

24 October 2021 Mandy Nash | Flora And Fauna

Our fourth talk features Fiona Kerlogue, former curator of the Asian and European Anthropology sections at the Horniman Museum, talking about the story of Mary Burkett (founder of the International Feltmakers Association) and the Felt Collections at the Horniman Museum.

11 December 2021 Mary Burkett and the Felt Collections at the Horniman Museumtalk