You are currently viewing Talk of Authenticity through the practicing of felting in Brazil

This month, in Florianópolis Island, Brazil, I had the opportunity to participate in the incredible event “Autênticas” at the beautiful store “Almanata”, invited by the owner Laura Gransotto alongside wonderful women like the speakers Luciana Rosa and Cristina Rosa.

As a representative of Brazil in the International Feltmakers Association, I was invited to discuss my history with the ancestral technique of felting and its authenticity in practice.

I shared my inspirations from Brazilian nature, my family’s history, natural dyeing with South American wild plants, and the intuitive way in which pieces are created, transforming them into unique pieces with the purpose of beautifying each environment.

The participants were enchanted by the lightness and delicacy of the pieces, and they were able to experience the textural characteristics of textile ceramics in natural felt through their sense of touch.

We also had a circle of women accompanied by a delicious dinner prepared by the personal chef Tainá Peres and a wonderful dessert from Kanto Doce.

I just want to express my gratitude for this beautiful meeting that took place in honor of Women’s International Month and brought us a moment of exchange and connection through each person’s story. May we gain a better understanding of the meaning of authenticity in our lives!

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Article by Karina Hatta - IFA South América Sub region