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Our online AGM 2021 is fast approaching. We are delighted to announce another event to look forward to. On March 27th, join four former IFA Chairpersons for a stimulating and thought-provoking discussion about the International Feltmakers Association: past, present and future. As accomplished feltmakers themselves, the panel will reflect on the development of the IFA. How has it grown from its early beginnings into the international organisation it is today? They will talk about the importance of engaging with and teaching the community. And finally, they will explore ways to connect with younger audiences, now and in the future.

Chairs of the International Feltmakers Assoication, Past, Present and Future

Sheila Smith, Liz Clay, Lesley Bossine and Johanna Roesti all served as IFA Chair between 1998 and 2021. Mandy Nash has served as Vice Chair since 2015. Together, they have supported the development of the IFA, bringing different visions and approaches underpinned by their personal commitment to promoting feltmaking to the wider world.