Emma Jackson 2021

Emma Jackson



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Ethernet Neurones

My work seeks to reflect the notion of cells and individuals connecting by superhighways of electric signals - be they neurones or fibre optic pathways that light up when we communicate and reconnect.………

During this period of lockdowns and ‘shielding’ so many of us are isolated and finding the only way to connect and communicate is through our electronic devises and online. This has meant a steep learning curve for many, teaching ourselves how to operate our phone/laptop/ tablet cameras, navigating FaceTime and Zoom. Learning new tasks has never been so important for our mental health and well being. It stimulates the neurones in our brains firing electronic signals from cell to cell as we develop these new skills. These internal communications pathways can be found throughout our bodies organ systems signal messages, for instance to our immune defence to alert it to fight infection and disease.  These communication system are echoed in the hidden underground network of fibre optics that are helping us to communicate and connect to others.

Materials and Techniques: 
Merino wool, felted EL wire.
Wet felted 3d hollow forms felted round a resist, raised circle opening made by embedding felted circles of felt and cutting away opening. Wool felted around EL wire
Artwork size in CM: Width……20cm… Length……35cm….. Depth……20cm