Debbie Penley 2021

Debbie Penley


Artwork 1 

Inner Child

This last year during the lockdown many people became introspective, and therapy became something of a necessity in a time when we couldn’t live life in a way we were used to . This piece represents the idea of someone opening themselves up to discover and meet their inner child, a meditative technique used especially in trauma therapy, though useful for many types of therapy. In this process, one quite literally reconnects to their true, inner self

Materials and Techniques

Wool, wire – Needle Felted

Artwork size in CM: Width…46…………… Length……45…..……… Depth…26

Artwork 2 

Virtual Conversation

As in-person gatherings shifted to virtual meetings and get-togethers, many people recognized not just the value of such meetings, but perhaps the necessity, as the world suddenly became much more accessible to people in ways that it hadn’t been before. Transportation and time became less of a factor allowing more people than ever to attend lectures, art events, support groups, and entertainment. This piece takes the idea of a virtual meeting with the colored squares representing the different individuals, and the white sculptural elements represent their unique conversations and personalities that they bring to the environment. Thought different, they are also all speaking in the language of humanity and reconnecting with one another in ways they hadn’t before.

Materials and Techniques.

Wool, Wet Felted
Artwork size in CM: Width…37………. Length…37…….…… Depth…5