Chantal Cardinal 2021

Chantal Cardinal


Instagram: @feltalamainwithlove

Artwork 1

Cecilia Flower

Reaching out from across the globe to felt with an Instagram fan/follower and now friend from Argentina to make this large scale floral.  She thought of sending me this picture she came accross of a giant Dahlia. I thought of going live with her for a few hours to work on this. This might not have been an option if we were not in isolation and looking to reconnect. I called it the Cecilia flower, after her.

Materials and Techniques

Local Gotland processed from the Raw fleece blended with Merino and Silk, all hand dyed and wet felted.

Artwork size in CM: Width………16” … Length..……15”… Depth………4-5”.………..

Artwork 2

Winds of Time

Taking the time to reconnect with my medium in these challenging times.  Allowing myself to take the time. Exploring and keeping a lace quality in the tips by hand assembling each piece. Playing with the result. Still playing with it as it lives in different forms and shapes.

Materials and Techniques

Local Gotland processed from the Raw fleece, carded and partially felted, assembled and wet fleted.

Artwork size in CM: Width……36”.……… Length………36”……… Depth……5”

Artwork 3

Moonlight goes to Montreal

Reconnecting to my Fashion Designer background and training through felt making. This commission piece from an Artist friend back in Montreal where I come from prompted me to reconnect with my past and find a way to weave it into my current art practice using Raw fleeces to create my material. 

Materials and Techniques

Local Gotland (P.O.G.G.) and Gotland X (Moonlight) processed from the Raw fleece nuno felted onto handdyed cotton mesh, cut 'n sewn and then felted to a perfect fit.

Unique made to measure fit-approx. Size 42 men