Carol Dash 2021

Carol Dash

Instagram: @Caroldash7


The water(ing can) cycle of life

Reconnected to our gardens and the natural world. I wanted to portray that link and the colour

And lifeline it has brought to many of our lives. The rainbow watering can is a reference to rainbows for the amazing NHS workers. Winding round the body of the can is ivy but also words which indicate aspects Of life during the coronavirus pandemic. Things I have missed like hugs and family but also Sadness and death, loss and fear. The two hands symbolise the human connection to the garden world. The clean one is well and healthy. The other has been buried in my vegetable plot and Symbolises death and decay yet returning us the fertility of the soil to bring forward new growth for the next cycle of life.

Materials and techniques

2D and 3D Wet felting, nuno felting. Silk painting, hand and machine embroidery, Hand dyeing,

Artwork size in CM: Width………29.  Length………66  Depth…45 approximately