Anna Trevena 2021

Anna Trevena


Artwork 1

Cubs in A Huddle  

During isolation, the sound of birds and call of nature drew me to connect to the natural world and make observations of colours and creature habits. The warmth and security of the Foxes huddled together takes over from day-to-day feelings of being alone. Bringing about a sense of belonging within a beautiful cosmos. 

Materials and Techniques

Wet felting techniques were used to felt the grass. A range of needle felting techniques were used to sculpt the fox cubs. Fox coloured bulky carded Corriedale Slivers were used to felt the fox cubs. Orange Merino wool combined with green and brown Corriedale Slivers make up the late afternoon sky. Wool nepps and staples of Corriedale wool are the structure of the foreground. The knots in the lone laid tree trunk are fox coloured Corriedale Slivers which complement natural wood colours. These knots were gathered into tiny penny-sized pieces and tied with string during the wet felting process.  A process sometimes known as bobble felting.

Artwork size in CM: Width……63cm….……… Length…60cm…..……… Depth…3 cm

Artwork 2

Molly Doll

Touching soft fabric soothes and awakens the female essence.  Mollies nurturing of the lace and feminine apparel evokes a sense of being female and deep connections with motherhood and the cosmos.

Materials and Techniques

Wire and Core Wool make up the body. Blue Faced Leicester  (hair), Carded Corriedale Slivers, (Eggshell) were  used for flesh tones. Candy floss and Red Corriedale Slivers were used to brighten the face area. The trousers were felted with carded bulky  lue Shetland wool. The dress is   Nuno felted and the felt boots were felted by an embellishing machine. Body Armature: Arms legs /torso = 2 x 19-inch wire 12 gauge. 2 x 19-inch wire 14 gauge.  Feet 2 x 14 gauge 15 inches. Head 1x 8-inch wire. The armature is assembled by twisting and gathering the wires into place with nose pliers. Delicate sections of the armature are then tapped over with masking tape. Wool is then firmly wrapped around the wires in various stages, and then needle sculptured to soften the flesh tones.

Artwork 3


After watching many workshops about felt doll making, I decided to make Patch. And this doll playfully evokes a sense of play and happiness often missed during these long months, encouraging one to explore. (Art work not created during the workshop)

Materials and Techniques

Wire comprises the armature. Needle sculpted Core wool creates the form of the doll’s limbs and body. Bulky carded Corriedale Slivers of Candy Floss and Eggshell make up the flesh tones. The hair is comprised of naturally dyed brown Wensleydale wool. The doll’s trousers are needle felted directly onto her flesh using blue carded Shetland wool batts. The doll’s top has Nuno felt patches felted upon it. Her eyes were  felted with blue Merino wool, and her mouth is painted on with red paint. The boots have blue patches upon them and platform heels.

The armature is assembled by twisting and gathering wires. Where the wires are delicate masking tape is put in place. The hands and head are needle sculptured separately and connected to the body when complete. The fingers and thumbs are made up from five separate twisted wires which are gathered together.