Tiny de Graaf 2021

Tiny de Graaf



Artwork 1 
Almost There

Three layers, not yet touching but already in close proximity. Reinforcing each other. Even the shadows are playing their part.

Materials and Techniques
Three layers. (1) wool and silk, (2 and 3) pre-felt with holes obtained by using different sizes of punches 
Artwork size in CM: Width…50……….……… Length…60……..……… Depth…5 cm


Artwork 2 
All Inclusive

This work is a representation of IFA. We all long to connect with each other, no matter how one looks like, happy or sad, worried or unconcerned, in which part of the world one lives,  As felt makers we are determent to re-connect as soon as we can and wherever we can. Smileys are imitated because they are known all over the world. All inclusive, even the smiley that has no face, everyone can fill in their own face here.

Materials and Techniques
Three layers of wool in a round shape which is an imagination of the earth. 1) white pre-felt. 2) black pre-felt with holes. 3) Yellow pre-felted circles that have been placed in the black holes. Whit the dry needle technique provided with emotions.  
Artwork size in CM: Width 70 cm diameter  Depth…1 cm

Artwork 3
Up to the Light

This lady had sunk deep, both in an emotional and physical sense. Underwater, swimming to the licht. Determined to reconnect in better times.

Materials and Techniques

Wool and home coloured Chiffon Silk, Wall-hanging

Artwork size in CM: Width 40 cm……….……… Length 80 cm