Svetlana Lilley / Wool&Silk Art Studio 2021

Svetlana Lilley / Wool&Silk Art Studio

Instagram.: @wool_and_silk_art
Facebook: @WoolSilk-Art-studio

Artwork 1
Emerald Infusion (Nuno-felted Reversible Dress)

For the dress, I have cut the silk scarf into pieces and reconnected them again without any visible joints in the felting process.

Materials and Techniques:
Finest Merino wool felted with silk scarf which was cut to geometrical shapes. Also, I have used viscose, bamboo, silk fibres, viscose thread, finest hand-dyed silk fabric for reversed side.
Artwork size in cm: Width: 92cm Length: 132cm

Artwork 2 
Marshmallows (Felted circular scarf)

Different lengths of yarn laid in different directions, different size circles of 'Marmallows', along with fibres, were reconnected together in a circular shaped scarf

Materials and Techniques:
Superfine Merino, yarn, handmade prefelt, bamboo, viscose fibres
Artwork size in cm: Width: 41cm Length: 156cm


Artwork 3 
Hollyhocks Garden (nuno-felted summer dress)

The dress was cut from a nun-felted scarf and reconnected again into a summer dress. It was designed based on my childhood memories of my Grandmother's garden in the Ukraine. It reconnects me with a happy place to be.

Materials and Techniques:
Prefelt was made with finest Merino 18 micron, with silk , viscose fibres, hand-dyed silk tissues. Then is was cut in shapes and felted into a scarf using the finest silk fabrics. 
Because of the large design, it was not good as a scarf, so I have decided to cut it in order to make a dress. And in the end, it benefits the outcome.
Artwork size in cm: Width: 70cm Length: 114cm