Georgina Spry 2021

Georgina Spry


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Twitter: @gcspry



Artwork 1 
The Space Between

How do we begin to reconnect with ourselves and each other?
Interior and exterior, self and other, disclosure and secrecy. Where are the spaces of healing, restoration, and reconnection?

Materials and Techniques.
Merino, dyed cotton scrim . Each pocket felted over a resist allowing it to open and be refilled.

Artwork size in CM: Width 105cm Length105cm Depth (including frame ) 4cm


Artwork 2 
Tripartite Helix

Tripartite Helix is shared felting project illustrated though a series of feltmakers' pockets. The project has been ongoing for a few years but completed in summer 2020. The feltmakers' pockets are displayed on a felted helix. The helix demonstrates international, national and local felting techniques alongside shared privacy within the physical pockets. The three sections denoting elements of felting as a collective sense, the felted cord connecting all feltmakers through time and distance.

Materials and Techniques   
Merino over padded wire armature – wet felted and needle felted

50 individual pockets various materials and techniques

Artwork size in CM: Width65 Length350cm Depth65

Artwork 3 Title.

Break Glass

Use the hammer in case of emergency. Through Covid many factors have taken away our connections with the everyday: family, friends and health.  Break Glass depicts the journey reconnecting that which is separate within oneself and others. Behind each window a source to heal, repair and protect. Some moving and turning to enable freedom of movement.

Materials and Techniques:

Merino wool, wooden display case, pin hammer (felted), small merino wet felted objects, glass bead.

Artwork size in CM: Width 22cm  Length55 cm  Depth 13cm