Lisa Klakulak’s 10 week Online Felt Jewelry Series, Course 1: Foundational Structure


Edition 8 will run April 7-June 16, 2024 with platform access through August 25, 2024. Develop an in-depth understanding of foundational structure for refinement, strength and flexibility in wet felting based on the concept of space for the wool filaments to move and the direction of encouragement by the maker. Multi-dimensional form will be constructed […]


Lisa Klakulak’s workshop: Wool & Wood Collaboration with Graeme Priddle

Shakerag Workshops 290 Quintard Rd, Sewanee, TN, United States

In this 5-day workshop at a destination craft school pop-up, explore mixing media of wood and wool with fiber artist Lisa Klakulak and wood turner and texturer extraoridinaire, Graeme Priddle. Both of these fibers (cellulose and protein) have a linear microscopic structure (grain and filament) that informs the processes of textural manipulation. Both materials are […]


Lisa Klakulak’s workshop, Felt: Depth of Surface/Depth of Field

Sanborn Mills Farm 7097 Sanborn Rd, Louden, NH, United States

5-day in person workshop at a destination craft school on a working farm. Explore thickness of layout and densities of partially felted sheets of wool for patterning effects, texture resists and edging techniques when fusing wool through fabrics. Incorporate surprising substrates and a variety to be used to trap found objects under and in fabric […]


Lisa Klakulak’s workshop: Sculpting Hollow Felt Forms

Double Island Studio 2459 Double Island Rd, Green Mountain, NC, United States

In this 5-day in person workshop learn technique for layout/wrapping of various 2D resist template shapes in a consistent thinness of wool fiber while simultaneously integrating distinct areas of denser layout and partial felt shapes to explore differences of shrinkage as a means of sculpting surface relief and hollow form. In addition to raising form […]


Lisa Klakulak’s workshop: Wet Felting Realistic Imagery: Partial Felt Mosaic Technique, Fabric Fusion + Machine Stitching

Pacific Northwest Art School 15 NW Birch St, Coupevile, Whidbey Island, WA, United States

Develop your own imagery in felt through the wet felting technique of arranging partial felt in a mosaic. Participants will reproduce their drawn images and/or existing images of their own choosing from hand made partial felts shrunk to a specified degree of possible shrinkage to achieve image clarity on a fiber background without blurring or […]


Lisa Klakulak’s workshop: Solid Form Felting Techniques: Clasps & Closures

Pacific Northwest Art School 15 NW Birch St, Coupevile, Whidbey Island, WA, United States

Explore systematic construction techniques for wet felting solid felt forms of spheres, discs, barrels, cones, hoops and cords. Learn graceful techniques for seamlessly connecting these basic forms together to make more complex clasps and closures. The appropriate tension and crosshatched preparation for dry wrapping and needle felting will prepare solid forms for wet felting to […]