Debra Koesters

Debra Koesters



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Artwork 1 

Circle of Life

The whole earth and all its inhabitants have been shadowed by the pandemic, with all lives threatened and many lives ended. We seek a cure, we seek the light. The circle of life, as demonstrated in this tapestry, is composed of beginnings, endings, rebirth —-and the connections between these spheres. I have tied these separate states of being into three, with color informing each. Throughout the piece, a crack forms.  We are born into the glow represented by the yellow figures. Here we absorb the experience of being in this life, interconnected to others and to the planet where we live. We share our triumphs and our troubles, and seek the community that supports us and celebrates us. The green figures represent those who are moving into the “afterworld”. Their departure signals their death to this earthly domain, and entrance into the next, allowing them to reconnect with those who left before. Their memories enrich those who are still in the “living” world. The figures dance and spiral and fly on a field of blue, representing the positivity, faith, and tranquility we must embrace as we seek to find the light, which breaks through the terrifying  zig-zagging crack. The crack —it alludes to fracture and dismantling and rupture. Yet is through the crack that we find ourselves reborn. From its depths, we reemerge, rebound, and reconnect. 

Materials and Techniques

Finn and merino wool, silk, viscose, hand-dyed sil, Wet, nuno and needle felted

Artwork size in CM: Width…76.2… Lengt…101.6    Depth…2.5


Artwork 2 


Humankind needs to reconnect in any way we can.  Here the bodies are trying to become whole again and reconnect their own bodies into a whole person in order to start the reconnection of the world and represent all of humankind

Materials and Techniques

Finn and merino wool, silk, viscose, hand-dyed silk…….Wet, nuno and needle felted….Wire.

Artwork size in CM: Width.. Average 23.. Length…Average  47.. Depth… Average 20

Elana Sigal

Title: Sign Of The Times
This piece is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope in the patterns in the felted fringed border. The constantly  changing nature of the patterns in a kaleidoscope reflect changes in our daily life. The centre section is separated and is composed of cells. These cells are ever-changing as are those which are present in the Covid-19 virus. Each cell or bubble can be a reference to our need for social distancing and maintaining our household bubbles to prevent the spread of Covid. A Kaleidoscope can be used as an escape from our regular daily view of things in our immediate world. An escape that seems much needed at this time. The piece is shaped like a shield to reflect how we need to shield ourselves against and from the present pandemic.  


Materials and Techniques
Wet and needle felted wool


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