Cindy Watkins Smith

Cindy Watkins Smith



Artwork 1 Title:
Four Seasons in Yorkshire Dales

During the past year in lockdown I have connected much closer to the change of seasons, as they are unaffected by the pandemic.


Materials and Techniques:
Felting, machine and hand embroidery
Artwork size in CM: Width: 91 cm Length: 50cm

Elana Sigal

Title: Sign Of The Times
This piece is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope in the patterns in the felted fringed border. The constantly  changing nature of the patterns in a kaleidoscope reflect changes in our daily life. The centre section is separated and is composed of cells. These cells are ever-changing as are those which are present in the Covid-19 virus. Each cell or bubble can be a reference to our need for social distancing and maintaining our household bubbles to prevent the spread of Covid. A Kaleidoscope can be used as an escape from our regular daily view of things in our immediate world. An escape that seems much needed at this time. The piece is shaped like a shield to reflect how we need to shield ourselves against and from the present pandemic.  


Materials and Techniques
Wet and needle felted wool


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