Christine May Pettet.

Christine May Pettet


Instagram: @hatstop100


Artwork 1

Aunty Mimi’s Cloche -1920s

Looking through old family photographs and reconnecting to people and times when almost everyone wore hats. The colour palette is subdued reflecting the mood of the times as portrayed in the photographs. This hat was inspired by a photograph of a Great Great Aunt.


Materials and Techniques.

This hat was wet felted using merino tops, embellished with hand dyed silk.

Artwork size in CM:  Width 17cm    Length 17cm    Depth  17cm


Artwork 2

Grandma’s Sunday Best 1940s

This work was inspired by an old photograph of my Gran on a Whit Sunday. On this day people would dress in their best clothes and parade in the streets. Making this hat I felt a strong reconnection to my Northern heritage.


Materials and Techniques

This hat has been wet felted with Merino tops and dyed in 3 different colours.

Artwork size in CM: Width  35cm  Length  35cm  Depth 20cm


Artwork 3 

Mum’s Christening Hat 1950’s

Whilst making this hat and looking at the photograph of my christening I felt a real reconnection to my family and childhood.


Materials and Techniques 

This is wet felted using Corriedale and embellished with Angelina fibres.

Artwork size in CM: Width  20cm  Length 20cm   Depth  20cm


Kaleidoscope | Online Exhibition 2020
Welcome to the first online exhibition of the International Feltmakers Association.

This selected exhibition is made up of an eclectic mix of work by IFA members selected by a panel of judges who are experts in their respective felt specialisms.

The exhibition is a positive outcome of COVID 19 and many of the works have been created by the artists at home during the global lockdown.

The theme of Kaleidoscope was chosen as it can be interpreted in an endless number of ways, through colour, texture, shape and form, as our members have shown us with their unique styles and creative interpretations.

To view each artist, please click on the image below and you will be taken to the artist’s page. There are 58 artists to see so please scroll along at the bottom of this page to see them all.

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