Ann Williams..

Ann Williams





How we long for physical contact again once the pandemic is over – just a handshake will make all the difference.


Materials and Technique
Needle felted using merino wool with ring embellishment.
Artwork size in CM:             Width   18cm            Length    32cm         Depth    3cm



Jane Firth

The theme was the inspiration: I usually needlefelt animal portraits using un-dyed wool and natural colours.  The theme challenged me to depart from my usual methodology and try a kaleidoscope of colours instead. 


Artwork 1: Kaleidoscope Fell Pony 1.

Artwork 2: Kaleidoscope Fell Pony 2 

Artwork 3: Kaleidoscope Fell Pony 3


Materials and Techniques for all 3 works:

Wet felting and needle felting, wool and silk.


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