Ann Williams..

Ann Williams





How we long for physical contact again once the pandemic is over – just a handshake will make all the difference.


Materials and Technique
Needle felted using merino wool with ring embellishment.
Artwork size in CM:             Width   18cm            Length    32cm         Depth    3cm



Carol Outram

Artwork 1: Maple Magic 

I spent many years in Canada and lived on a street called ‘Maple’ in the beautiful village of Hudson.  The repetition of a shape – some magnified – some reduced, and the effects of light on shapes is a reflection of the Kaleidoscopic visual imaging.   


Materials and Techniques.

Merino fleece wet felting, needle felting and embroidered embellishment, fabric patchwork frame. 


Artwork 2 Title: Dandelion Daze

I love dandelions! This is symbolic of an exaggerated kaleidoscopic close-up of the dandelion in full bloom.  You never see ‘dandelion yellow’ on a colour chart! 


Materials and Techniques: 

Merino fleece wet felting, needle felting and embroidered embellishment



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