Amanda Critchlow

Amanda Critchlow


Artwork 1

Birds and bits: past and present

I used scraps of wool fibres, lace and silk from old projects and combined them to reconnect with these projects. The green parakeet feather is from London where we used to live and the macaw feathers from a neighbour where we live now in Devon; connecting the past to the present

Materials and Techniques

Mix of wool fibres, cotton lace, silk fabric and thread, peridot beads, turquoise beads, shell, parakeet feathers and macaw feathers. Wet felted, stitched and closed feather embroidery stitches

Width…14 cm.…… Length…37cm…… Depth………0.3mm

Artwork 2

My silver pot

By felting my own hair I was reconnecting the hairs with each other but also during lockdown and not getting my hair highlighted I have been reconnecting with my silver hairs.

Materials and Techniques

My own silvered hair, wet felted
Width……3cm.……… Length………3cm…… Depth……3cm


Kaleidoscope | Online Exhibition 2020
Welcome to the first online exhibition of the International Feltmakers Association.

This selected exhibition is made up of an eclectic mix of work by IFA members selected by a panel of judges who are experts in their respective felt specialisms.

The exhibition is a positive outcome of COVID 19 and many of the works have been created by the artists at home during the global lockdown.

The theme of Kaleidoscope was chosen as it can be interpreted in an endless number of ways, through colour, texture, shape and form, as our members have shown us with their unique styles and creative interpretations.

To view each artist, please click on the image below and you will be taken to the artist’s page. There are 58 artists to see so please scroll along at the bottom of this page to see them all.

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