Vivienne Morpeth

Artwork 1: Fragmented Blues


Fragmented Blues is about the relationship between two symmetrical sides of the human body , clothed in wool with harmony and disharmony of colour and lines like the reflection of a kaleidoscope


Materials and Techniques

Nuno felting with ...merino wool, own hand-dyed silks



Artwork 2: Encircled Body


Encircled Body draws inspiration from Paul Klee ‘ taking a dit for a walk’ repeated circles the pattern they create on 2D and taking the flat nuno felted length and wrapping around the body, folding up from the waist to the shoulders and stitching into place, making a jacket, reflection of flat and sculptural plains , an ever changing view like a kaleidoscope


Materials and Techniques

Nuno felted merino wool with hand-painted silk.



Artwork 3: Ripples


Living by the sea the movement of water at the shoreline is constant and regular yet broken into fragments like in a kaleidoscope, Ripples aims to capture the movement of water in repeated colour and form.


Materials and Techniques

Hand-carded fleeces felted onto silk 


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