Susan Law.

Susan Law



Artwork 1 
The Gathering


As the tide turns, the molluscs cease to feed and return in great numbers to the safety of the pink pillow lavas of Llanddwyn Island. Reconnecting with their home scars and other members of their species.


Materials and Techniques
Merino wool, silk fibres, organic Shetland yarn, found shells.  Wet felted using resist method, applied prefelts.  Hand knitted textured covering fully felted and integrated into surface of vessel.
Artwork size in CM: Width 18 cm,  Length 25cm, Depth 16 cm




Artwork 2 
The Perfect Companion


Inspired by my woodland walks to reconnect with nature, I found many examples of mosses and lichens connecting with each other and growing together as companion plants………….


Materials and Techniques
Merino wool, silk fibre, glass seed beads and rondels.  Wet felted using resist method.  Shibori technique applied prior to drying.  Beads hand stitched to surface.
Artwork size in CM: Width…7 cm,  Length   7 cm,  Depth…11 cm…………..



Artwork 3 
Well Connected


Inspired by Limestone fossils of the Yorkshire coast, this 3D vessel portrays the necessity, as old as time, for life forms to connect with each other, as we need to reconnect with friends and family to feel complete.


Materials and Techniques
Merino Wool and silk fibre.  Wet felted using resist method.  Shibori technique applied prior to drying.
Artwork size in CM: Width  7 cm… Length…7cm… Depth…10 cm..


Kaleidoscope | Online Exhibition 2020
Welcome to the first online exhibition of the International Feltmakers Association.

This selected exhibition is made up of an eclectic mix of work by IFA members selected by a panel of judges who are experts in their respective felt specialisms.

The exhibition is a positive outcome of COVID 19 and many of the works have been created by the artists at home during the global lockdown.

The theme of Kaleidoscope was chosen as it can be interpreted in an endless number of ways, through colour, texture, shape and form, as our members have shown us with their unique styles and creative interpretations.

To view each artist, please click on the image below and you will be taken to the artist’s page. There are 58 artists to see so please scroll along at the bottom of this page to see them all.

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