Helen Welford.

Helen Welford



Artwork 1 
En Route


An image through my train window, just before lock-down, which translated into lines and colours speaking to the connection and passage of time and distance.  (Reconnecting to the moment)


Materials and Techniques
Wet felting with wet felted prefelts, yarns, wool roving 
Artwork size in CM: Width…73cm……….… Length…50cm




Artwork 2 
Insight: Cataract #1


What I saw as my right cataract was removed, (and I was reconnected to my vision).


Materials and Techniques
Wet felting, needle felting, embroidery, beading

Artwork size in CM: Width……69cm.……… Length…45cm.



Artwork 3 
Past Echo


Inspired by the theme for this exhibit, and by a motif on my grandfather’s art deco pencil holder (which I still use) – a constant (re)connection of my present and past.


Materials and Techniques
Wet felting, needle felting, embroidery

Artwork size in CM: Width……73cm……… Length……49cm


Jane Spencer

Title: Rainbows and Butterflies

The inspiration for this piece was the rainbows that came to symbolize the thanks for those working during covid-19 pandemic in the UK (in particular the NHS) The rainbow butterflies give a sense of hope but also the fragility of that hope in the time in which we find ourselves 


A Kaleidoscope uses light and reflection to create beautiful, fascinating repeating patterns. A rainbow also uses light and reflection to create something of beauty.  


Materials and Techniques:

Wet felting, needle felting, wool, locks, hand dyed antique lace, Angelina fibres and silk tops, painted, stitched and melted Lutradur. 






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