Helen Welford.

Helen Welford



Artwork 1 
En Route


An image through my train window, just before lock-down, which translated into lines and colours speaking to the connection and passage of time and distance.  (Reconnecting to the moment)


Materials and Techniques
Wet felting with wet felted prefelts, yarns, wool roving 
Artwork size in CM: Width…73cm……….… Length…50cm




Artwork 2 
Insight: Cataract #1


What I saw as my right cataract was removed, (and I was reconnected to my vision).


Materials and Techniques
Wet felting, needle felting, embroidery, beading

Artwork size in CM: Width……69cm.……… Length…45cm.



Artwork 3 
Past Echo


Inspired by the theme for this exhibit, and by a motif on my grandfather’s art deco pencil holder (which I still use) – a constant (re)connection of my present and past.


Materials and Techniques
Wet felting, needle felting, embroidery

Artwork size in CM: Width……73cm……… Length……49cm


Jan Hoyle


I created a series of three pieces based around the word ‘Kaleidoscope’ and inspired by the landscape around me. The pieces are not meant to be shown together. They are separate works in their own right but the inspiration for each was the same. 


The landscape around me is a kaleidoscope of changing colours and beautiful forms. This landscape, like a kaleidoscope, is changing constantly. A kaleidoscope can symbolise an escape from difficult times. I embraced this project as a means to move into a world of brightness and positivity by changing and mixing the landscape forms around me and exaggerating the colours as an antithesis of what seemed to be very dark times. 


Artwork 1: Sweet Memories 

Materials and Techniques

Merino wool,  fabric, silk and synthetic fibres.  Wet felted and stitched.


Artwork 2: Undulating Radiance 

Materials and Techniques.

Merino wool, fabric, silk, threads and stitching 


Artwork 3: Joyous Equanimity

Materials and techniques

Merino wool, silk and synthetic fibres. Wet felted and stitched.




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