ReConnect | Online Exhibition 2021
Welcome to the second online exhibition of the International Feltmakers Association.

This selected exhibition is made up of an eclectic mix of work by IFA members selected by a panel of judges who are experts in their respective felt specialisms.

Many of the works have been created by the artists at home during the global lockdown but the theme of the exhibition looks towards a future in which we will all reconnect with loved ones, nature, and our existing way of life.

The exhibition includes work from members of the IFA from all over the world. Artists from; Australia, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Estonia, USA, Germany, Turkey and the UK have been selected to show work in the show.

To view each artist, please click on the image below and you will be taken to the artist’s page. There are 75 artists to see so please click along all 3 pages at the bottom to see them all.

Some artists also have links to their social media and websites so that you can view more of the work  or get in touch with them.

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Carol Outram

Artwork 1: Maple Magic 

I spent many years in Canada and lived on a street called ‘Maple’ in the beautiful village of Hudson.  The repetition of a shape – some magnified – some reduced, and the effects of light on shapes is a reflection of the Kaleidoscopic visual imaging.   


Materials and Techniques.

Merino fleece wet felting, needle felting and embroidered embellishment, fabric patchwork frame. 


Artwork 2 Title: Dandelion Daze

I love dandelions! This is symbolic of an exaggerated kaleidoscopic close-up of the dandelion in full bloom.  You never see ‘dandelion yellow’ on a colour chart! 


Materials and Techniques: 

Merino fleece wet felting, needle felting and embroidered embellishment



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