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Welcome to “Meet the Volunteer,” a series
where we shine a spotlight on the dedicated
individuals who make the International
Feltmakers Association (IFA) the vibrant
community it is. Through these interviews,
we aim to introduce you to the faces behind
the scenes, their roles within the
organization, and the essence of IFA itself.

Join us as we delve into the stories,
passions, and contributions of our
volunteers, celebrating their unique journeys
and the collective spirit of creativity and
collaboration that defines IFA.

We aim to commence this project with an
interview featuring Mandy Nash, who
dedicated 14 years to volunteering
for IFA. She served as chair of the
organisation for the last three years.
Her natural leadership skills created a
harmonious, happy, and productive team.
We thank Mandy for all her efforts on our

Please read the rest of the interview here.

Nadia Rein
IFA Publicity Officer