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We continue to introduce our volunteers to our members and followers.

Nadia Rein – our Publicicty Officer has a conversation with a new International Officer Ariane Mariane in this vlog.

We start from talking about Ariane’s journey into felt making, and the collaborative nature of wearing and interpreting art. Ariane also shared her experience of being asked to take on the role and her passion for connecting with artists from diverse backgrounds.

We then talk about Ariane’s first involvement with IFA members’ project run by Michi Kunzfelf – a felt art hiking trail in Austria, involving the support of the local municipality and the participation of artists from around the world.

The project aims to promote felt-making, showcase artists’ works on 20 hiking stations, and foster a sense of community through the installation of line of flags along the trail. There will be an online event on June 10th, with the goal of uniting people from various regions to felt flags together.

To listen to the conversation in full follow the link

Huge thanks to Ariane for editing zoom recording into a more engaging experience.

Article by Nadia Rein - Publicity Officer