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Dutch feltmaker, Annemie Koenen, has developed this complete course of hand embroidery on felt which she delivers online every year from September to early December.

The course is for anyone who wants to build up their embroidery skills from scratch and/or wants to delve deeper into the matter.

The parts can be followed independently of each other. Beginners start with part 1. Advanced students can enter part 2 or 3. As the course is repeated annually, you can follow the next part another year.

Part 1: 10 lessons
Part 2: 7 lessons
Part 3: 7 Lessons

Participants can obtain a participation certificate for each Part completed.

There is a Tutorial for every lesson. You will receive this 10 days before each lesson to be able to practice the stitches in advance. In the lesson we can then actually get to work, see where the difficulties are and what is possible.
Lessons 1 and 4 of Part 1 are felting lessons. We do that together in class.

The tutorials will stay with you forever. You register on my digital learning environment and can always log in again with your username and password.

Annemie sends a *ring binder base with a hardboard plasticized cover to each student. In addition to the paper pages to write or draw on, it gives students the chance to sew in 7 felted pages, which can then be embroidered on both sides. Participants starting with Part 1, will receive this book for free.

*These have been handmade with the knowledge of the printing company.

In Part 1 of her embroidery course, participants:

  • felt the first pages and the cover for the book
  • start to learn about the tools and materials required for basic embroidery
  • learn the stitches in series, line stitches, chain stitches, buttonhole stitches, fill stitches, relief stitches, weave stitches and more
  • work with different materials and learn which material should be used when
  • work with colour, design and learning, to hear the little angels whispering in their ears

In Part 2, participants:

  • expand their embroidery knowledge, including embroidery from Kyrgyzstan, appliqué and relief embroidery on felt
  • work in themes
  • are introduced to one theme per lesson

In Part 3, participants are introduced to a variety of new themes (one per lesson) such as:

  • Embroidery d’Art Haute Couture
  • embroidery and photography
  • free embroidery with the sewing machine
  • gold embroidery on felt

There is also the opportunity for participants to make requests for other themes not already covered in the course.

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Article by Annemie Koenen - ONLINE - region 15