Business name: Het Pand
BTEC Foundation Studies Art and Design.After my study in England I opened a felting studio in Spain. This studio has moved to The Netherlands. Since 2015 I run a felt and painting studio in Bussum. My aim is to combine more disciplines and thus create new ways of expressing myself. Statement about my felting art. My wall-hangings are in the first place an interpretation of the overwhelming beauty of colours which I spot in nature. An artistic impression with my own aesthetic values as starting point. The intensity of colours in which felting-wool is currently available and the amount of modern materials to combine with, even as the possibility to dye my own, give me a tremendous opportunity to experiment. Not only examining the work of other artists provides me with a wealth of knowledge but joining hands with local artists as wel is a welcome source of information. For more info go to At this moment till March 5th I have an exhibition in a Church in Bussum about the theme; Let's have dinner. I have linked this exhibition to the environmental crisis in which we find ourselves. The 'Tower of Babel' is one of the items.