Business name: Patti Barker
“Early fascination with fabric and fashion came from my seamstress mother. You might say fiber art is bound into my DNA. My felting journey began with a study of skin. Skin as a protective covering, as camouflage, as an identifier, even an art canvas. I began felting simulated animal skins, then magnified human skin; leading to hybrids. All the while, fascinated with the way wearable art transforms its wearer. Surface design inspiration rises from exploring rich color and texture combinations. Techniques include using inclusions, Shibori binding and differential shrinkage to create unique textures. Nuno felt, hand-dyeing, needle felting, bead embroidery…all compliment the tactile and visual narratives of each piece of wearable art." Patti Barker is an award-winning felt wear designer and teacher. She earned a BA degree in studio art with a concentration in fiber at Western Washington University. All of her designs are produced with felted seams (no sewing). The fabric and garment are created simultaneously, using wet felting techniques. Patti lives in Central Florida with her husband Rex and a pup, Buddy.