Sheila Thompson recently relocated her narrative-based fibre art practice from Toronto to Guelph. She applies the transformative process of wet felting to wool, Kozo paper and silks to create impressionistic landscapes, abstracts and felted lab flasks. Her art practice emerged as a way to reconnect with her education and experience in biogeography, and her work embodies her knowledge of ecological phenomena and her keen eye for detailed patterns in nature. Her style is distinctly geographic, organic, richly coloured and textured with commentary hidden in the craters and folds of the work. She designs silk textiles from her photographs of natural phenomena as well as her own artwork, and incorporates these into her art work as well as other projects.Over the years, she has focused on themes of community harmony and discord, migration, human/environmental clashes, historical remnants, and social justice. Her latest project, Habitat 2050, developed in response to daily news about the mess humans have made of the environment, reimagines the stories in a more harmonious future. The body of work consists of hand-molded 3d topographic felts in wool, Kozo paper and silk, and a series of felt Erlenmeyer flasks embellished with her prints of fungi and other lifeforms (“Imposters”).She has 15 years experience exhibiting her work in juried group and solo art shows in the Leslie Grove Gallery, Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, Gallery 1313, World of Threads and others. She is an active member of ecoart and textile/felt art organizations and has curated a number of small exhibitions. She won an Ontario Arts Council grant to co-curate the travelling textile show, Edge of the Forest and in 2018 was in the BC Craft Council show “Shrine”. Her work is in private collections nationally and internationally.She supports efforts to reduce her carbon footprint by repurposing art, donating materials and by reducing her production output.She also designs textiles from her own photography which she incorporates into her work and into selected artwear and yardage.