Business name: Nadia Rein Design
FELTING is deep within me, rooted in my childhood homeland of Kazakhstan.There were so many meals with lots of story-telling and conversations, sitting on a woollen rug at a low dining table. Rugs also hung on the walls of the home providing extra insulation which is never a bad thing in a region neighbouring Siberia.Actually my first winter boots were also made of wool - we called them ‘valenki’.Later as I grew up and lived in other countries and I lost connection with wool. I loved more modern things, technologies. It fully returned to my life during a time when I was struggling to accept the reality of losing one of the dearest people in my life and now it is part of my life, my media to express myself and help others to find their voices.I live with my family, create and run short group and one on one classes in Leicestershire. I also love to connect to likeminded people online, via virtual or online classes, events and collaborations.