Business name: Filz-kunz.t
I have been passionately working full-time in a travel agency for many years. I have always been creative. I can still remember the feeling of finally having arrived when I discovered felting! I love the endless variety of different types of wool and their colors! The need to experiment has remained with me since I started felting; the possible combinations with foreign materials and a wide variety of techniques fascinate me every day. Apart from surface design, mixed media is my absolute favorite topic; so,o after the “felting fever” caught me, I studied all the books and magazines about felting that I could find, attended courses and of course felted a lot. But at some point, all of this was no longer enough for me, and I decided to do a three-year felt training course at the Oberrot Felting School, which ended with a final exhibition in July 2014. This decision was definitely one of the best I have ever made! The weeks at the felting school were like paradise on earth for me. Working with wool exudes an incredible feeling of calm and satisfaction. I would like to pass on this experience to as many people as possible - at least on a small scale. In my courses, I try to give my participants in-depth knowledge of felting, but at the same time I would like to provide them a few “days to slow down” where they can also gain strength for the fast-paced and, at the moment, very challenging everyday life. It is also nice that a renewable raw material is used in felt crafting. The topic of sustainability is extremely important to me! My greatest wish has always been to found a “felting center” in Austria to give those interested access to felting. An important step in this direction is the creation of an international felt art hiking trail in my community of Kainbach bei Graz, which is scheduled to open in September 2024. Active participation welcome: