Business name: Fuzzy Lovies
Mia is a fiber artist based in Portland, ME, USA. She’s been needle felting for over ten years. Her first 3D flower took more than six hours to make, but the intricate work did not stop her from pursuing the craft further. Instead, it unexpectedly opened a door for her creative ideas. Since the first flower, she felted toys for her son and gifts for friends and family. She’s since made her creations available to the public through online and local stores, commissions, and shows.Mia’s work often incorporates details from Russian folk art, as well as memories from her childhood growing up in the Soviet Russia. The rowan berries, red currants, whimsical birds in bright colors, valenki (wet felted boots), and decorated Easter eggs are all memories of her upbringing. Mia makes all of her designs by hand from 100% sheep wool from an organic farm in Maine and small fiber companies in New England. Mia’s current focus is on “usable art”: from home décor items, holiday ornaments and children’s educational toys and jewelry to occasional art displays and wool paintings.