"Every piece of jewellery I design is like a work of art that exudes thoughts and emotions, calming down in nature."Mari Jalava is a jewellery artist whose jewellery represents high-quality Finnish design and ecology. The material of beautiful and personal jewellery and Mari's way of making jewellery is not the most traditional that we are used to in jewellery: jewellery is made by felting, the material is wool.In Finland, felting art and jewellery are not as well known as elsewhere in the world. When talking about Mari's jewellery and work, felted jewellery does not do justice to them. We can talk more about design jewellery, whose sources of inspiration can be found in the pure and beautiful Finnish nature. Mari's works have been exhibited in various exhibitions in France, Iceland and Germany, among others.Mari Jalava Design brand's unique products can be ordered from the online store. Mari also makes commissioned works that take into account the personality of the wearers, colour preferences and the occasion in which the jewellery is worn. Commissioned works can be, for example, art accessories that transform another outfit into a complete ensemble together with the jewellery itself, which are unique individual pieces in the whole world.