Business name: Lynn's Art On Arran
Although I studied textile art when training to be an art teacher, I didn't discover felt art until 2016 when I attended a felting workshop for crofters, who often have spare fleece lying around! As soon as I started working with fleece and blending the colours, my passion for felt art began. I mostly capture the views where I live on the beautiful Isle of Arran, or the wildlife here on the island, but I am sometimes drawn to other subjects - like my Lion King! I work from my studio in Whiting Bay on Arran where I have a spectacular view across to the Ayrshire coast and can spend many hours watching the gannets dive. My studio is part of the 'Arran Art Trail' which means that visitors to the island are welcome to visit my studio and see what I am currently working on. As I am currently experimenting with locally sourced fleece (from farms on the island) which I am dyeing in my studio with just natural plants from the island, I can show visitors the results of my experiments and the palette of naturally dyed fleece that grows each week!