Business name: Liz Mitchell
Liz passionately believes that Aotearoa’s wool remains an underutilized resource with vast potential. It is primed for transformation into tangible products ideally suited for the global built environment. However, wool has unfortunately been overshadowed by synthetic fibres and plastics, which contribute to environmental pollution. Liz’s mission encompasses two critical objectives: to introduce Aotearoa’s wool into every household and to showcase its versatility in a myriad of architectural applications. Her ultimate aim is to reignite worldwide appreciation for wool, driven by her design-centric approach, with the ambition of positioning Aotearoa’s robust wool as a sustainable and regenerative resource. This endeavour seeks to return wool design to the international forefront.Spanning all three rooms of Homestead Galleries, This Raw Material pays tribute to wool as a regenerative, sustainable, non-allergenic, biodegradable, versatile, abundant, creative, and life-enhancing raw material. The exhibition encourages visitors to embrace strong wool in Aotearoa as an integral part of their daily lives, fostering a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.