I work with wool directly from the sheep since 1975. The many sheep breeds and all the different wools still fascinate me. I learned all the steps: washing, karding, dying, spinning and finally mid of the 80's feltmaking. Since 1984 we have our own sheep. During nearly 15 years untill 2002 I sold my onwn products at exhibitions and craft markets. Since then I participate from time to time in an exhibition. When I started to teach feltmaking in 1990, this craft was nearly unknown in Switzerland. In 2002 we started with the Bildungsgang Filz in Kurszentrum Ballenberg, a 3 years formation in feltmaking. I love to travel on the route of the felt and attended workshops and feltmakers conferences in Switzerland, Hungary, Finnland, Denkmark, Kyrgystan, Holland, Germany, Italy, Russia and UK and travelled also to Turkmenistan and Mongolia. Since 2011 I'm a member of the committee of International Feltmakers Association IFA. In a first term as International officer and since 2015 as Chairperson. The felt allows me a lot of encounters with people of different cultures and enriches my life very much!