Business name: HamamelisFelts
I have been a creative artist for as long as I can remember. My Father taught me how to 'see' at a young age and how to turn my hands to just about anything. My first experience of wet-felt making in the early 1990's hooked me, a wet smelly baptism in helping create an enormous wall hanging, working with raw fibres and with five people at a time on the floor rolling it. I then made my first cloche hat. Years later a friend taught me new techniques and bag making. Last year I started taking my wares to our local Country Market in Loddon and a few Craft Markets, the response has been fantastic.On the spectrum where Art is at one end of the scale and Business at the other I must say I am well and truly at the art end and here my pieces evolve at their own pace and never cease to amaze me. I am influenced by many things, on occasion picking a flower of leaf from my garden and reproducing it there and then, to dreaming of huge wings and creating them that morning. I see the art and beauty in many things that others may not.Felting makes me very happy and in turn the happiness of others.