Business name: textillabor
My name is Dagmar Binder and since 1999 I'm running my fibre and felting studio textillabor in the art house Flutgraben e.V. in Berlin. I came across felting for the first time in 1997 and was extremely fascinated by the very sensual, tactile and sculptural qualities of wool and the expressive character of this material. Often, inspiration from nature can be found in my works, I start with a certain motive or structure, capture abstract elements and use them as a starting point for a transformation during the felting process. Most of all, I'm interested in seamless 3d forms, something that is unique about handmade felt. I'm a full-time fibre artist and work in the fields of wearables, stage costumes, sculpture and installations, exhibiting and selling my creations in a couple of boutiques / textile galleries and at craft and design fairs. Since 2005 I've also been teaching felting techniques world wide. I'm running a few workshops yearly in my studio in Berlin and have enjoyed being a guest tutor at different textile centers in Germany and abroad. Further information can be found on my website