Business name: wollwerkerin
When I ask myself what has shaped me, it's respectful relationships, non-violent communication and imaginative design experiences with my material, the unspun sheep's wool. At over 60 years of age, it becomes increasingly clear to me how important my work is to me alongside friendship and family. I manage to create more and more situations in which I can combine my two heart issues “felt” and “learning to relax - relaxed learning”. I like to impart basic knowledge from which new things can develop by themselves. You can only be creative if you have a firm grip. And as the chairman of the Filz-Netzwerk e.V., I also have a firm footing. The association is committed to felt and quality in all types of hand felting and, above all, it offers an appreciative network. Today I am sure that there are no coincidences. Just as I came to adult education through unforeseeable impulses, I came to felt, to felt design, through unexpected encounters. If you are open to these experiences in life, then one day someone asks a question and an idea flashes up, a new passion is awakened. This is how many new seminar concepts came about and my felt book was also initiated by a question. You can never ask enough open questions.