Business name: Fibers Of My Soul
Hello from the "Heartland"! My name is Treka and I live in Edmond, Oklahoma. I am a Physician Assistant, wife, mother and relatively new fiber artist. I have been interested in art most of my life and have frequently been described as "creative" or "crafty." I enjoy many of the creative arts from painting and drawing to flower arranging or anything labeled "arts and crafts." Several years ago I learned to crochet and eventually taught myself amigurumi. Then in late 2019, I came across an Etsy shop selling the most fantastic needle felted animals and I knew I had to try this amazing artform! I was immediately hooked and thank goodness, because 2020 was a doozie! Working in the medical field is a dream come true for me but to say 2020 was challenging is a massive understatement. I have said many times, this new "hobby" has saved my sanity. Felting and the fiber art community as a whole has given me a creative outlet, moral support and an escape from everyday stresses. I know I have a long way to go before I will count myself among the true artists, but I continue to learn and hone my skills daily. Thank you for welcoming me into your organization.