Business name: SusiFilzt
Susanne Weber (susifilzt) is a Viennese felt artist specialising in wool paintings. As a studied biologist she takes her inspiration from nature and tries to transfer the magic of light and texture in her paintings. For her wet felted pictures she uses many sorts of wool and other fibres. The finishing touch is often done by needle felting. Susanne was twice nominated for the Arts & Crafts Design Award and her work has been featured in various issues of FUN and Felt Matters as well as in numerous juried online exhibitions. Exhibitions 2016-2019 Vienna Felting Festival 2018 Solo exhibition " Wolle gemalt", Vienna 2019 #BeJane - An evening with Dr. Jane Goodall, Vienna CraftArtFusion – Wool meets Paper (as FeltCanvas withRenee Armand), Vienna Since 2017, Susanne is co-organizer of the Annual Vienna Felting Festival