Business name: Steph Jansen Fine Felt
I discovered the magic of wet felting by chance in 2011, during a holiday in the Scottish Borders, when I came across the work of Moy Mackay in a local gallery. I fell in love with the fabulous colours, the textural vibrancy and the emotional range she achieved in a material which I had never seen used in such a way before. I studied Fine Art and Art History at Goldsmiths, University of London, during the mid-nineties, wading through conceptual ideas which, though interesting and mind-widening, left me a little lost and feeling unable to continue to create my own work on completion of my degree. I still itched to create, but the reality of family life and running my own business got in the way, and I did very little artistically for many years. My inspirational Scottish holiday led to a short course in wet felting at the beginning of 2012, and the love affair was sealed! I went on to build my skills with Fiona Duthie’s feltmaking course, Surface Design Online. Since then I have been working away as and when time allowed, developing my passion for and understanding of this amazing material. The birth of my youngest daughter has given me the chance to take stock and turn my love for felting into a new and exciting career, and I'm thoroughly enjoying making my creativity central to my life again after so much time. Much of my work has been inspired by stunning sunrises, cloudscapes and sunsets, the wool lending itself to recreating the shapes, layers and textures found in our skies. More recently, I have rediscovered a lifelong preoccupation with human traces in our landscape, using the felt to suggest movement and depth of place.