Marion Hoch

Business name: Stargazey Crafts
On the north coast of Cornwall, on the far side of St Ives Bay is where you will find 3 miles of golden sand, awesome surf and Stargazey Crafts. Deliciously addicted to needle felting I’ve turned a hobby into a genuine cottage industry. Whilst working for the NHS I completed my BA Hons Degree specialising in Art History with a bit of Psychology on the side. I’ve always had an interest in crafting and art and am inspired by nature and the countryside around me. After watching a short YouTube clip in 2013 I purchased my first starter kit and had a stab at needle felting. Soon hooked, I exhausted all my friends and family with felted gifts. In 2017, after an inspiring reception at a craft fair where I was demonstrating felting, I decided to launch my business and am really excited to turn something I love into a full time career.