Sandy Mulley

Creator of inspiring needle felting kits and felt creations. Lover of Yorkshire tea and all things woolly. Whilst I have always loved arts and crafts, there was never one that really grabbed hold of me the way needle felting did. Once I discovered it I have never looked back! I really believe that crafts of any kind can help ease the mind and provide a welcome and important distraction from the ‘noise’ of our daily lives; for me that craft is needle felting. So, with my new-found addiction, and a yearning to share this fabulously addictive craft, I set about designing needle felting kits for absolute beginners and one or two for those with a little more experience. When I am not busy satisfying my customers felting addiction I hold wokshops and create my own needle felted characters and pictures. You will usually find me at my home studio in rural Lincolnshire.